Toefl Course in Ankara

Toefl Course in Ankara , Best Toefl Course

Here at DİPLOMAT AKADEMİ, We have designed a very especial cyclical Toefl Course in Ankara, a very unique strategy to meet our student’s needs. Since majority of students have to meet a very short deadline of two to three months, therefore our classes have been designed for a very intensive study with about 100 to 120 hours with additional support from the TOEFL professor.

We prepare our students based on latest criteria designed by ETS. We build our student’s skills by utilizing BARRON’S, ETS and KAPLAN TOEFL books.

Toefl Course in Ankara 2019

Weekdays morning and evening TOEFL courses are cyclical, and each section last two weeks, for a total of eight weeks, and we monitor our students progress statistically to make sure that students comprehend where they are, where are they going, and how they need to get there.

Even though we are in a group class, but each students do receive customized home work and study plan to make sure the work they do is based on their weaknesses and strengthens their skills on each sections to achieve a score of minimum 82 up to 110 depending on individual needs.