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Turkish Language Courses for Foreigners in Ankara

Diplomat Akademi

Turkish Language Courses for Foreigners in Ankara ( Tömer )

Diplomat Akademi provides Turkish language and grammar courses uniquely designed to meet the specific needs of all foreigners who seek to learn Turkish language in a productive, efficient and timely manner.

In general, we have implemented The Common European Language Portfolio in all the Academic Turkish courses and the main curriculum and syllabuses have been refined and structured to meet such a high standards. The courses have been chronologically divided into four levels beginning with A1 as Elementary, A2 pre-intermediate, B1 Intermediate and B2 Upper-intermediate. Students receive 100 lessons (1 lesson is 40 minutes) in each level and the classes are held with maximum 10-12 students considering the ideal class size. In addition, a total of 45 lessons are provided for each level to those who opt for one to one or private classes.

As an institute, our academic mission is to assist you to pass the Turkish proficiency and academic exams required from you by universities, private corporations or state departments. Alternative to prescriptive (academic) language, you can also ask us for intensive descriptive classes designed to meet your daily communication needs. (Descriptive can be defined as: Day to day Turkish dialogues that is used in real life at hotels, restaurants, stores, post offices and hospitals). Please note that our prescriptive language classes include Creative Business Language employed in international corporations and Business environments and commonly utilized in business negotiation, presentation, written proposals, phone or conference calls, applications and banking.

I strongly encourage you to communicate with us with any future questions you might have. We will do our best to provide to with comprehensive information before you make any decision or commitment.

We look forward to your communiqué!

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